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What do families think of our fashionable baby slings, baby swaddlers and accessories? One mom credited the bamboo baby wrap with saving her sanity. Another mom announced the sling is her “most essential baby item besides diapers and wipes,” while a dad told us he loves how its keeps him close to his newborn daughter.

Tell us what you think of our baby slings, swaddlers, toy straps and nursing covers. Send your testimonials and pictures to info@pippalily.com.

“Arrived today! Delighted. My baby fell asleep 5 minutes later after he was put in! This is a wonderful invention.”
– Zsofia

“I would just like to say that the bamboo swaddler is officially the greatest thing ever…EVER! Our daughter is only 3 days old and has had some excellent sleeps because of it. I credit it with my current level of sanity which is much higher than I thought it would be at this point! ;-”
– Akua Otupiri Sider

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the sling, I LOVE it and so does my daughter Kaisa. She is sleeping in it as I type and she took to it right away. This is going to be a massive help around the house and when I begin designing and illustrating again. Many thanks!”
– Tina

“I love my sling – I just got it 2 months ago when my daughter was born and it has been a lifesaver most evenings. With a young toddler, trying to cook dinner etc etc it helps that I have my hands free while my youngest catches some zzzz’s. So thank you as well for such a great (and stylish) product!”
– Sara

“My toy strap is awesome – straps to anything and I love the colours.”
– Heidi VanderKwaak

“We love our new baby sling! Our beautiful daughter enjoys the peaceful joy of being close to daddy, and daddy could not be happier – and more proud!!”
– Jeff Larsen

“Just a little note to let you know how much I LOVE my sling! It is absolutely my most essential baby item (besides diapers & wipes!). My 8 week old has been traveling in it since week one and it’s been fail-proof when it comes to settling her down and putting her to sleep. I recommend it to every new mom I know … and strangers, too ; ) I wear it indoors and out every single day. It simplifies my daily life so much.”
– Kate Harrington

“I really can’t express how much I love your sling. I have other brands and yours in my favourite. I got it just in time before my trip to Mexico. My son lived in this sling for 2 weeks! He always felt safe and secure. He was also incredibly comfortable as he would often nap in it too!”
– Sara Lavoie

“I can honestly say we had love at first sight for every single Pippalily product. With each new product we found our lives becoming simpler, easier and of course more stylish. I can remember going to a brunch where there was 7 new moms and all of us were wearing our slings and babies were happy, moms were relaxed and it was smiles all around. And most us had to chuckle as we had gone from comparing our purses and shoes to who ordered the prettiest sling and matching diaper clutch! Pippalily is one company who certainly has a new mom’s best interest at heart!”
– Lee Buckley Muir

“I have received many compliments on my sling (Temple Garland Sky and a black one for my hubby), in particular that it is not bulky like others (and I always make a point of telling everyone how great it is to throw in a diaper bag…this came in handy our last trip to the mall as the stroller was filled with stuff and I had to carry Jack…only nine days after a C-section). Anyway, just wanted you to know that the Pippalily Sling is turning heads and I love mine! ”
– Colleen Carter

I received the blanket today, and it is just stunning. It is the most beautiful, soft baby blanket I have ever seen. Thank you!
– Jen Sosnovik

Living in New York City with three kids is hectic- we don’t drive so I have to cart my 3 year old, 2 year old and new born around. Without my sling I would be lost- a triple stroller? No thanks!!! I love my sling and the way it looks like a fashion accessory! I need my hands free with 3 kids- cooking dinner and nursing? No problem with the sling!! I love it!!
– Kathryn Kirby

“Holden is now 6 months old and my Pippalily sling has been an absolute life saver. During his early months he was very fussy in the evenings, I would place him in the sling and literally within seconds he was calm and asleep. We use our sling every day, thus allowing me to be totally hands on with my 3and a half old daughter Samara. Believe me she is so appreciative of the sling as well. No matter where we are people ask us all the time what type of sling we have!”
– Natalie Scheinman

“My Pippalily sling was my most-used baby product and the one thing I wouldn’t leave the house without! It’s easy to put on, fits perfectly into the pocket of my diaper bag, is a stylish accessory to any outfit, and the best part is that my daughter loves it! (Truth be told I loved it too – such a nice way to have a snuggle…even on walks or at cocktail parties!) We started using it when my daughter was about a month old and we still use it (my daughter is now 13 months). While she has outgrown other carriers this continues to be comfortable for both of us. If there was just one product I’d recommend to any new mom, this would be it!”
– Kira Thomson

“I bought a Pippalily sling at a recent show. I was the midwife (shhh) who didn’t like slings! I LOVE your sling, just sold my other one that I couldn’t figure out, and am so much happier. I throw your sling in my purse or diaper bag and when my son fusses, in he goes. I really appreciate your honesty and humour in buying the sling and wish you all the best – keep them coming!”
– Anne

“I absolutely love my Pippalily sling. It is the most comfortable piece of baby equipment that I own. I wear it daily. Stay tuned from some additional orders from me as I have a few girlfriends who are pregnant right now.”
– Jen Odle

“Just wanted to tell you how much I love the slings you make! I have the blue gothic rose and I’m loving it – and so does my son Raymon! I also get compliments on it every time I wear it out!”
– Heather Drost

“Love love love the sling. My baby passes out within minutes of putting her in it. This week I made a casserole on one day and a double batch of cookies another day. Thanks so much!”
– Lori