Pippalily » FAQs » How to Swaddle

Swaddling your newborn is easy with a lightweight bamboo Pippalily baby swaddler. Most babies enjoy a full-body swaddle until they are two months old. After that, it’s best to use a modified wrap that leaves the baby’s arms unrestricted to encourage proper motor development.

Step 1

Lay baby on swaddling blanket with top folded to top of baby’s neck.

Step 2

Wrap right-side arm flap over baby’s shoulder and tuck remaining fabric under baby’s back.

Step 3

Wrap left-side arm flap over baby’s shoulder and tuck under baby’s back. Put baby’s legs in bunting bag.

Step 4

Fold left side of wrap over baby’s shoulder, wrapping long piece of fabric across baby’s tummy and under back twice. Not too tight: baby should be able to bend her legs.